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As registered tax agents, Cairns Quality Accounting is your go-to partner for a variety of Cairns tax returns, including:

  • Individuals
  • Sole Traders
  • Small Businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Self-Managed Super Funds

Our approach to Cairns tax returns is characterized by professionalism, efficiency, and proficiency.

Wondering what all these words mean? In essence, our experienced personnel at Cairns Quality Accounting collaborate closely with clients to meticulously prepare and lodge thorough tax returns. The goal? To secure the very best possible (and legal) financial outcome for each unique situation.

At Cairns Quality Accounting, we pride ourselves on simplifying the complexities of taxation, ensuring a smooth and effective process for individuals, businesses, and entities alike. Trust us to handle your Cairns tax returns professionally, efficiently, and with the expertise that comes from years of experience in the field.


Isn’t it time to experience accounting services tailored just for you?

Cairns Quality Accounting is a small local business, run by locals for locals. Our services are crafted to meet your unique needs, offering personalised attention in areas such as:

  • Year-End Accounts & Reports
  • Quarterly or Half-Yearly Accounts & Reports
  • Managing Your BAS & GST
  • Budgets & Cash Flow
  • Business Commencements, Cessations & More

Traditional Cairns accounting services can often be expensive, impersonal, and challenging to access, especially for individuals and small business operators. But not with us! Cairns Quality Accounting is committed to changing that narrative. As a small local business, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and personalized, professional accounting services designed to meet both your individual and business needs.

Our team of professional personnel is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the attention and service you deserve. Whether you’re an individual seeking assistance with your personal finances or a small business looking to navigate complex accounting matters, we are here for you.

Experience the difference of working with a local team that cares about your financial well-being. Choose Cairns Quality Accounting for services that go beyond the ordinary, making your accounting experience exceptional.


Experience efficient and effective Cairns audit services provided by locals who genuinely care.

At Cairns Quality Accounting, we can assist with a diverse range of audit requirements, including:

  • Not-for-Profit Organisations
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Aboriginal Corporations under CATSI Act
  • Public Companies
  • Self-Managed Super Funds

Rest assured, our services are delivered with efficiency and professionalism, ensuring all your audit needs are met.

Our experienced personnel bring over 30 years of accounting and audit expertise to the table. Choose Cairns Quality Accounting for audit services that prioritize accuracy, reliability, and a genuine understanding of your unique requirements.

Our Service to You

Our office is centrally located on Mulgrave Road near DFO with easy parking.

To save you time, we can offer a full online service that is still personal and tailored to your needs.

As a Cairns Quality Accounting business client, we include you in our monthly email of the Practice Update

Stacey Jeanes FCPA

Director & Owner

Stacey has worked in the accounting industry for over 20 years. Stacey is well versed in XERO and MYOB and happy to provide training to clients.

While being a proficient accountant is her passion, Stacey’s dedication extends beyond her professional life. As a mother of four children, she understands the importance of striking a balance between work and family. Stacey’s exceptional time management skills allow her to excel in both roles, demonstrating that it is possible to have a successful career while prioritizing family life.

To stay at the forefront of her field, Stacey consistently engages in professional development and continuing education. By actively learning and adapting to changes in legislation, taxation, and accounting standards, she ensures that her clients receive up-to-date advice and guidance.

In her spare time, Stacey actively engages with the local Cairns community, volunteering her time and expertise for various charitable and community-driven initiatives. Her dedication to giving back reflects her genuine care for society’s wellbeing, cementing her status as a respected and beloved figure within Cairns

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