cairns quality accounting AuditEfficient, effective Cairns audit services provided by locals who care. Cairns Quality Accounting can assist with all audit requirements, from small associations to public companies and not for profit organisations. Registered Company Auditor at your service.

Cairns audit services are provided efficiently and professionally by Cairns Quality Accounting. Our experienced personnel have more than 20 years accounting and audit experience and Director and owner Megan O’Neill is a Registered Company Auditor (RCA).  We can assist with all Cairns audit requirements, from small associations to public companies and not for profit organisations.

Financial Audit

What is a financial audit? It’s the systematic and independent examination of financial records and information. It is completed to fulfill a stated purpose. Be it to verify that procedures and paperwork conform to relevant licensing and compliances, or to identify possible areas for improvement.

You should not be scared of an audit. Indeed, audits are a great way of having a fresh set of (trained) professional eyes review your financial records and suggest areas where you may make improvements, which may lead to greater financial performance for you and your organisation.

Not for Profit Entities

Not for profit entities limited by guarantee under ASIC make up a number of the audits prepared by Cairns Quality Accounting. As such, our audit accountant services are particularly relevant to not for profit organisations, which will benefit from our extensive knowledge of the statutory requirements in their successful audit completion.

Cairns Quality Audit Accountants maintain independence from management and directors. This ensures tests and judgments are made professionally and objectively.

Audited Financial Statements

Cairns Quality Accounting will ensure your Cairns audited financial statements meet Australian Accounting Standards and Auditing. We also offer professional Cairns grant acquittal accounting services. Helping you meet your legal obligations and requirements, of providing audited acquittal documentation for government and other community grants.

Cairns Quality Accounting is a small local business, run by locals for locals. Professional personnel are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and personalised, professional audit accountant services. Our audit accounting team is headed by Registered Company Auditor (RCA) Megan O’Neill, who can assist with any audit requirement.

For improved reporting and transparent business practises, contact Cairns Quality Accounting today to discuss our Cairns audit services on phone 4031 8046 or email